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Hypnosis San Diego offers small Hypnotic Groups to give you all the necessary support that turns failure into success. Diane Edwards uses 
Hypnosis to help change the way you think, end the struggle and put YOU back in control of your life, easily and effortlessly.

Stop Smoking Groups San Diego
Join the many thousands who have thrown away their cigarettes and stopped smoking permanently. This 2 hour workshop can help you quit smoking with no stress, no weight gain and no withdrawals. Don't wait another day --- Register TODAY! For more information CLICK HERE 

Weight Loss Groups San Diego
Have you tried every new diet on the market? Do you lose weight only to put it back on again? Do you eat when you are not hungry? This is a powerful effective workshop that enables you to take back control of your eating, so that you can reach and maintain your ideal weight easily!
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Eliminate Self-Sabotage Groups San Diego
Uncovering and understanding our human tendency to sabotage ourselves is at the heart of this workshop. As we begin to understand the mechanisms and patterns that underlie self-sabotage, we begin to free ourselves, creating more success, joy, and fulfillment. Overcoming self-sabotage will forever change your life. For more Information CLICK HERE

Law of Attraction Groups San Diego
What if you could have the power to determine the course of your own life? What if you could actually achieve your goals? In this new hands-on powerful workshop you will learn how to use the unlimited power of your sub-conscious mind so you can apply the principles of manifesting and attracting what you want in your life. For more information CLICK HERE

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Facts about Hypnosis
• It's all-natural

• It's scientifically proven
• It's accepted and approved by the American Medical Association, American Dental Association      and the American Psychological Association.
• It's totally safe
• Hypnosis involves no special powers or "hocus-pocus"
• You will always be in total control
• You will be awake the entire time — hypnosis is not sleep
• You will hear every word I say
• You will feel normal, but very calm and relaxed
• You will be able to come out of hypnosis at will, any time you want
• You will see, hear and feel results immediately

Why work with Diane Edwards?

Diane Edwards is a Master Hypnotherapist since 1989 specializing in all areas of self improvement and addictive behaviors.
Throughout the years Diane has traveled all over the country offering unique, innovative programs for both weight and smoking and has been featured on numerous radio and television programs. Diane is well known for her informative and valuable insight into all areas of self-improvement, and believes in treating every client like family.
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Why Choose a Group Session?

  ► There are great savings with group sessions. 
 ► You can take a class with friends.
►  You have a support system and realize you are not alone and there are lots of others who are dealing with similar issues. 

  ►  Making this choice allows you to save money, while benefiting from positive suggestions for change. Some people enjoy going into hypnosis because of the positive feelings that arise; and group sessions allow anyone to get a taste of the power of Hypnosis.



                      Diane's Iron Clad Guarantee

hypnosis classesI'm so confident in your ability to achieve success with my method, that I personally guarantee you'll leave the seminar with new empowering beliefs and positive behaviors leading you to achieve the success you set out to achieve.  If you EVER feel the need for additional reinforcement, as long as there is space available, you are welcome to come back absolutely free for one full year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




The combination of Hypnosis and Diane’s understanding of weight issues have helped me lose 40lbs, with no effort or struggle. After years of so much struggling I never believed it could be so easy. I just wish I had known about Diane years ago.”
Suzanne K. San Francisco,

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was --- my old behaviors changed almost immediately. I no longer craved all the unhealthy food. For the first time that I can ever remember I actually WANTED to eat healthy food. I was skeptical at first but now I send everyone to Diane. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
Amanda F.

“I always struggled with exercise --- I know I needed to do more but always had an excuse. I listened to Diane’s CD's and couldn’t believe the difference. I now willingly go the Gym at least 5 times a week and walk whenever I get the opportunity, with no resistance at all. I even enjoy it! What a huge difference. I will probably listen to Diane’s CD's for the rest of my life.”
Henry K. Los Angeles, CA

“It’s a miracle. I weighed 121 lbs. my entire life until I turned 45. Then I started packing on the pounds – and I couldn’t get the weight off! I had tried what seemed like thousands of diets. I came to see Diane Edwards. I ended up losing 24 lbs., right off the bat! I’m so happy!”    N.E. San Diego

"I really liked the class because it provided all the information and tools to start a new healthier lifestyle. And most important of all ... it worked! It was sincerely the 1st apprach to weight loss that did not feel like a quick fix or a temporary change"
  D.M. San Diego


The program was easy and enjoyable. I thought it would take longer for me to see any changes but even after 2 weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see my habits changing without any me even thinking about it. I enjoyed how things were explained and it put everything into perspective.  L.H. Chula Vista  


"Excellent class – very valuable concepts!"
C.J.  San Diego 


"Very interesting class! You pointed out so many important aspects and the difference it will make when I use them. I would definitely be interested in a follow-up class."  
P.A. San Diego 


"This class was not what I expected! It was so much better and what I needed to help me achieve my goal".   S. M.  San Diego 


"I really loved the class and it’s good to know that I will be able to do what it takes to achieve my goal. Diane is an excellent teacher and explained every step in the process."   B.F.  San Diego 


"Some of what you shared I found remarkable and I learned so much that I had never realized before. I loved the way you pointed out all the ways we sabotage ourselves and with the tools you have given us I’m really feeling positive about the changes I know I need and want to make."
A.A. San Diego 


"Diane’s seminar is extraordinary. She knows her subject really well, is very enthusiastic and really wants to help all of us to go from negative to positive. Using the tools she gave us I now feel confident to move forward.  Outstanding seminar!" H.H.  San Diego 


"Very good useful usable information. I liked the hands-on approach and I left wanting to know more about Hypnosis in the best possible sense! "    
A.S. San Diego 


"Very informative class! I learned so much and feel very enthusiastic about employing the suggestions I received. The mind is so fascinating, once it’s explained well and I could relate to everything we were doing."   M.C.  San Diego